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What are our strong sides?
Company lives by making the games and assets unique!
There’s often a big boulder of humor or goofiness in all products.
This Game Studio has over 30 years of gameplay experience from the 80s until today.

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The Three

Get inside a 2D RPG/Adventure!
A story where a Blacksmith needs to save the Land!

[1 Player]

Release: 2014

A 2D Open world RPG/Adventure with a dark story.
Great quests & puzzles.

[1-4 Players]

Release: 2021/2022

Crazy 2D RPG/Adventure filled with quirky characters, nasty dungeons, and lots of exploration!

[1 Player]

Release: 2020

Sources of Inspiration:
Day of the Tentacle(PC)
Full Throttle(PC)
Monkey Island(PC)
The Legend of Zelda(NES-Switch)
Moonstone: A Hard Day’s Knight(Amiga)
Super Mario Bros(NES-Switch)
Dragon’s Lair(NES)
Space Ace(Amiga)
The Elder Scrolls(PC)
Chuck Rock (MD)
Final Fantasy(PS)
Dragon Quest(Switch)

… And more!

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