Sloppy Joe Studios, a company started by Kenny Skott.

The imagination is overflowing in the work progress and the gameplay is guaranteed to keep gamers entertained all way through when playing all the company’s titles

What are Sloppy Joe Studios making more than games?

Digital graphics for any game maker in need.

From cartoony characters and landscapes to logos and a bunch of pixel art!

… Anything really but games & graphics are in the center of the company’s heart!

Game projects in the portfolio:

A trilogy called “The Three Kingdoms” which consist of these titles
Adventures of Motharius
Downfall of Krynto
Lotharus – Bacon, Ale & Repea

Right now Sloppy Joe Studios is almost done with the 2nd part of the trilogy
‘Downfall of Krynto’ which will be released late 2021.
At the same time a new game project is in the starting phase…

… Stay tuned for updates!