2022 UNCUT


Let’s show the uncut version of how sounds, controls, battle, puzzle mechanics looks in this upcoming game that currently is named ‘MonsteR’.
Still brainstorming if there might be a better title.

We’ll see.


2022 May Update


Updated gameplay and ambient sounds, along with dynamic sfx.


Intro Teaser Trailer!


A little teaser intro of the game!
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May Update is here!


‘MonsteR’ gameplay now with better and more mechanics!

Here you’ll see how it looks in battle, when mining and also what the main character looks like.

Quest system, Change perspective on the go and more to come.

April Update is here!


Latest update of the game called ‘MonsteR’ with some new additions.
Textures applied to trees, rocks and more.
New 3D models.
New not yet animated mechanic of mining minerals.
Thinking about a character creator as well, but we’ll see.

Hope you enjoy it!

Video update!


Hello Everyone!
This is what I’ve worked with the last couple of weeks.

It’s an early video of how the gameplay could look like and I’m also trying new mechanics all the time I work with this.

It’s a Survival FPS Puzzle game with some RPG elements and is still in its early stages.
Lots will change before deepening down on the story and such.
Characters and objects might also change along the way.

As I said, this shows how the gameplay will look like.

Downfall of Krynto
Lotharus: B-A-R
Now on GameJolt as well!



Downfall of Krynto is now released!


Single player or up to 4 Players local co-op!

Please.. Save Krynto!

Downfall of Krynto will be released in less than a week on Steam and Web


50 Dungeons with puzzles, loot, epic battles and a huge land to explore, all filled with a big amount of quests and side-quests.
And the music will make you want to come back for more!
Play it by yourself in Single player or add up to 3 friends to help you in co-op on your journey!

Please.. Save Krynto!

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Release on Steam 2022-01-27


Downfall of Krynto’s Steam-page has now been up for a week.
Check it out and put it in your wishlist!

Final Game Test Complete


Final Full game-test is now complete!

Lots of new features added the last couple of months:

– More quests added
– More depth to story
– Deeper character development
– Better balanced battles
– 60 Hours of Gameplay for just the Main Quest
– Better Menu functions

… And more!

Release 2022-01-27
Downfall of Krynto


Release date trailer is live!

Be sure to check out this awesome trailer and look for the game at release.
I will even consider a release on Steam but will get back to you later on that.

1-4 player local co-op
Over 50 puzzle-filled dungeons!
Open World
Turn-Based RPG
Crafting, Mining, Harvesting and more!

The computer screen behind Kenny Skott shows one of the characters in the new game. It’s a character from another computer game, which he borrowed for his new game, which will be launched soon. 

Kenny’s passion: A hungover pig in a world near doom 


Kenny Skott, the man from Trelleborg behind the indie-game studio, has reduced his working hours and is now investing wholeheartedly in the dream of being able to live on game development. 

After sleeping off the intoxication for three days, a pig wakes up at a bar. He is in poor condition. Because he smells so bad, a fly is constantly buzzing around him. 

The Three Kingdoms Trailer is out!


Watch what all three games from the “Three Kingdoms”-Trilogy is about.
Gameplay, Battles, Quests, Side-quests, Mini-games, House-decoration and MORE!

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The First Trailer is here!


Finally, the first trailer for the game is out!
Here you will see battles, 90s inspiration, retro vibes, gameplay and a grain of humor.

Help us share our vision of this game.

Gameplay Video


A little peek at the gameplay when you meet an old hero who joins you and using the formation tab to put him in your battle party.
The Heroes fights two Demonic Minions in this video.


Menu = Done
Battle & Gameplay = Beta 1.0


The main menu is now done and tweaked to give more options to the player.
– Possible to toggle between all 8 playable characters and let any of them become your main character.
All Chracters have their own skill tree.
– Spend your upgrade points on whichever stat you want to boost at level up.
– The game have entered the beta phase and has been sent to testers around the globe.
All feedback after their tests will be used to upgrade the game’s experience even more!

Menu & Battle Update


All new window and face graphics along with an update on some gameplay mechanics such as the map.

The Battles in Krynto


The battles in Krynto will be turn-based and the Moon’s phases will have an impact on how the enemies and your allies will perform in battle.

You will gain Upgrade points when you level up that you can spend after battle on whatever stat you want to boost.

All Characters will have different skills that will be learnt as you level up.

Cool and fun animations have been added to the characters.
As well as over 60 new battle backgrounds!

More new content are being worked on every day for the battles.